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NSKK Honor Dagger Original parts questionable etch  #658

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1.00 Ounces

This dagger has a bit of a history.  This is an original NSKK scabbard and chain, Original fittings and grip.  Beautiful Blade which looks absolutely period , tang marked 1936, RZM 7/12, with an etch that may or may not be period.  "Dem Sturmfuhrer im Stab der Staffel 1, Der Kraftbootstandarte 1"

At one point this was anodized gold.  There are still some signs of the gold on the dagger.  Most has been removed.  Some of the original nickel plate has been polished through and you can see the underlying copper plating.  100% original.  The center scabbard fitting appears to be a bit low so it was apparently moved while the adonization was taking place or when someone re painted the scabbard.

In any case, this is priced for the parts value.

(NSKK Honor Dagger Original parts questionable etch)