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M81 WAS the name of the ship and belongs to the well known class of type35 minesweepers.

Building yard: Lübecker Maschinenenbau Ges.
building no.: 427
ordered: 19.09.39
launched: 20.12.40
commissioned: 17.07.41

Indeed this ship has an interesting history:

in 1945 US and used at GM/SA
since 09.10.47 French LAFFAUX
stroken on 22.11.56, but further used as hulk no. Q75
since 1956 German an commissioned on 28.02.57 as escort ship HUMMEL
decommissioned on 05.10.63, but further used as target ship
in 12.1966 beached due to a squall at Fanö
in 04. and 05.1967 raised
since 19.03.76
broken up at Kiel

other sources
claimed, that the ship was sunk as target ship on 22.10.73 at the north sea

I have 2 pictures available:
- end of 1956 at Wilhlemshaven, still with French sign Q75, but German
- as escort ship HUMMEL

Greetings from Austria
Peter K.



Displacement 500t.  Speed 16kts  Armament Two 10.5cm SKL/45,  Thirty mines.  Complement 1



In Service: 17 July 1941 to 19 March 1976

Production Data

La Becker Maschinenbau Gesellschaft,
Construction No: 427
Launched: 20 December 1940
Commissioned: 17 July 1941

Technical Data

Type: 1935/39 Type Minesweeper/Minensuchboot
Class: M 1 Class

Displacement: 685 tons standard 878 tons full load
Length: 68.4 m
Beam: 8.7 m
Draft: 2.65 m
Propulsion: 2 × Lentz uniform expansion engines producing up to 3,200 shp
Propellers: 2
Speed: 18.3 knots
Range: 5,000 nautical miles at 10 knots
Crew: 90 men and officers
2 × 10.5 cm L/45
carried 480 rounds
2 × 3.7 cm L/83 SK C/30
carried 3000 rounds
2 × 2 cm MG L/65 C/30
carried 4000 rounds
4 × 2 cm MG L/65 C/30 after 1942
carried 6000 rounds
30 mines
Armour 10 mm
Operators: Kriegsmarine


The M 81 Minesweeper (Minensuchboot) was built in the 1940s by
Lübecker Maschinenbau Gesellschaft shipyard located in Lübeck, Germany as a minesweeper or escort vessel for the Kriegsmarine.

Construction was longitudinal and ransverse frame of
steel construction, which was partly welded, this vessel also had twelve watertight compartments and a double bottom. The superstructure, Bridge etc was made from light alloys. The propulsion system installed in these vessels was the two Lentz uniform expansion engines. And when used as minesweepers the Kabel Fern Raum Gerät (KFRG) system was employed, which used generators producing 60 V, 20 kW to power the magnetic sweeping gear.

This vessel went on to serve in the 4. Minensuchflottille, 5. Minensuchflottille and 6. Minensuchflottille during World War II.

And after the surrender of Germany was employed in the
German Mine Sweeping Administration (GMSA) which was controlled by the allies.

17 July 1941
The Minesweeper M 81 is commissioned.

The Minesweeper M 81 served with the following flotilla's 4. Minensuchflottille, 5. Minensuchflottille and 6. Minensuchflottille.

The Minesweeper M 81 is seized as a prize of war by the USA.

The Minesweeper M 81 serves with the
German Mine Sweeping Administration (GMSA).

9 October 1947
The Minesweeper M 81 is transferred to France and renamed Laffaux.

22 November 1956
The Laffaux a stricken from naval records and used as the hulk Q 75.

29 February 1957
The Q 75 is renamed to Hummel whilst serving with the German Federal Navy (Bundesmarine).

5 October 1963
The Hummel is removed from active service and use as a target ship.

December 1966
The Hummel becomes stranded at Fano-Weststrand in a severe storm, and later sinks

The Hummel is refloated.

19 March 1976
The Hummel is broken up and scrapped at Kiel.

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F210 Hummel (Former Kriegsmarine M 81, Type 1935) 1956–1976



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