Jacobs SS daggers with exclamation mark  #348

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Although it has some challenges, it is a rare variation. Here are the good points. Perfect handle both obverse and reverse. Perfect grip emblems both eagle and runes. It doesn't get much better for a handle assembly. The fittings: All solid nickel both on the dagger and on the scabbard. The crossguards fit the grip perfectly. The scabbard: Nice original nickel fittings, great period lacquer showing just a bit of age, and 4 perfect unturned screws. The blade: Here is the challenge. These Jacobs SS daggers with the exclamation mark after the motto are highly sought after M33 SS daggers. They only made these Jacobs daggers through 1937, but they all had solid nickel fittings during a time when all of the other firms had switched to plated fittings. The other thing is that someone had ground the RZM trademark off of the reverse of the blade. The dagger had been stolen at one time and the thief had thought that by removing the RZM numbers that it couldn't be identified. Pictures and text by a leading collector.