Gurkha Rifles Presentation Kukri  #758

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British presented Gurkha knife


This knife is picture on pages 61 and 62 of Kurt Glemser ™s Volume IV.


The award plaque
states: Presented to Lt. Col. P.O. Myers OBE MC by All Ranks 4/8th Gurkha
Rifles. The regimental device of the 8th Gurkha Rifles is on the chain. This
knife comes with two letters from the
Gurkha Museum and photocopies from two
regimental histories that the museum provided that mention Myers..


The reverse of the plaque reads: 13 May 1968 Taungdaw Day. Myers received
the bar to his MC for the part he played in the Battle of Taungdaw. Myers
rose to the rank of brigadier


(Gurkha Rifles Presentation Kukri)