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German SA DAgger, August Bickel  #542

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1.00 Ounces

German SA Dagger Maker August Bickel, Steinbach, Hallenberg. GAu mark is present but unreadable. Exterior would easily rate excellent ++ due to no damage to fittings or grip, perfect inset emblems, almost 100% of adonization present. A slight bit of rust coming through on the reverse scabbard. I think some light steel wool and oil will make this scabbard shine. Blade shows some graying and age. Blade will still rate excellent + because there are no dings to the blade, no sharpening, and only one small area of pitting. The wood grip is very sharp and an interesting looking grip. There is lacquer and some color on the grip itself. Beautiful nickel silver hardware and SA insert. Pommel nut looks unturned, but it must have been