German Army dagger, Glass Grip by Tiger

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German Army dagger, Glass Grip by Tiger, Solingen. A wonderful, early, Army Dagger by Tiger with wonderful patina!  The blade on this one has very minor age. Tiger tm is, crisp and beautifully executed! The cross grain is easily visible and stunning as you shine it in the light!  The blade rates an easy Exc++, with the exception of a slight wiggle at the tip of the blade.. The pebbled leather buffer pad continues to remain intact. The steel based, nickel silver plated scabbard provides wonderful detail with the random pebbling throughout and hand enhanced oak leaf and acorn bands! It shows period wear and some bumps. The original throat retaining screws remains intact. The early hand enhanced eagle crossguard provides beautiful details throughout the eagle’s head, wings, wreath, beak and chest. The pommel and ferrule are also beautifully detailed with hand enhancing and proud oak leaves and acorns. The crossguard, scabbard and pommel all match in color, plating and patina. The deep red glass like Tryon grip on this one looks beautiful! It is perfect being 100% damage free! Truly some great features on this Army Dagger! Add it to your collection today and feel proud!  Complete with portepee