Extremely rare second model (1890) Japanese World War 2 Naval Admiral's dre  #818

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This sword would make an incredibly rare addition to any collection.
This sword has a 5-7-5 kiri emblem on the backstrap, and on all three gold-gilt saya fittings.  The saya is perfect polished sharkskin over wood with gold-plated fittings.  This sword has a nickel-plated blade. 

Note the original wire knot attached to this sword.  This knot is a premium addition to this sword.

Photos are provided for this listing from various reference sources unquestionably confirming this sword as a flag rank/Admiral's sword.  Photos are provided of pages 262-264 of Jim Dawson's book Swords of Imperial Japan  1868-1945  Cyclopedia Edition.  Also provided are photos from pages 58 & 59 of Fuller & Gregory's book Military Swords of Japan  1868-1945.  Lastly, a few screenshots are provided from the website http://ohmura-study.net/774.html, of Japanese Admiral Togo's Naval saber. 
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