Danish MODEL 1889 KNIFE/BAYONET  #674

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MODEL 1889 KNIFE/BAYONET. Maker Alex Coppel, Solingen.. Knife is 14 3/8" with scabbard and features a nickel plated 9" single fullered bayonet style blade with a short false trailing edge. Hilt and blade are one piece steel. All grips were originally leather. In 1892 most grips were replaced with smooth wood plates. The reverse crossguard is stamped with the Crown military acceptance mark. Reverse upper grip metal is stamped 91. The stamp 91 is the year of fabrication. There is a similar stamp on the obverse upper grip 18B812. This marking has been lined out. In English the knife was originally issued to the 18th Battalion as weapon # 812 . The later mark on the obverse upper grip of 41B804 a second Unit the knife was transferred to. Scabbard is leather with steel upper and lower scabbard. The 18th Battalion was founded may 1st 1785 as "Sjaellandske Jaegerkorps" and fought in the wars 1801 against England and in 1848-50 and 1864 against Germany . Note the locking mechanism on the scabbard mouth is missing. Priced accordingly..