Chained SS Dagger with Type II  #347

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1.00 Ounces

This M36 Chained SS represents the earliest combination of materials of the SS Officer's daggers, that we see with their inception during 1936. Painted scabbard, solid nickel chain, early scabbard fittings, and nickel dagger parts, this baby is gorgeous ! From the top of the pommel nut to the tip of the blade, you're just not going to find a better example. With a stunning grip, smooth as silk crossguards, perfect emblems and an untouched pommel nut, this hilt is without a doubt the nicest that I have ever seen. The blade is full length and needle sharp as has a luster that is near perfect with hardly a trace of wear. The solid nickel chain has all of the original links and the connectors are in very nice shape considering the thin sheet metal that they used on these Type II chains. The scabbard center band and shell have had some help somewhere along the way, as the lacquer on it is just too perfect to have been done period. Believe me it was done correctly and beautifully compliments this stunning SS Chain Dagger. Pictures and text submitted by a leading collector