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1st model luftwaffe Dagger by EP&S. Dual Etch  #455

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1.00 Ounces

1st model luftwaffe Dagger by EP&S. Dagger has Dual Etch similar, but not identical, to a similar early nickel silver EP&S 1st Luft dagger shown by Johnson in volume 5 of his series on German Daggers.  The dagger in volume five has the same maker and the etch displays the same basic configuration of etch as does this one. That being said, the etch is possibly post war, 1946, done at the factory for either a returning GI, or for a former Luftwaffe officer.  I have no basis for this theory other than the quality of the dagger and etch. The dagger is sold as original with post war etch.such.  This is a beautifully conditioned dagger with much of the original silver plating remaining on both the fittings and the scabbard. Original leather to the scabbard shows only a couple of nicks while the grip displays a few wear marks. they will both clean up to Excellent ++. Comes with original early nickle chain that will also fit a Postal Leaders dagger. See Clip.