1986 Royal Danish Female Army Dagger  #263

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1.00 Ounces

MODEL 1986 ROYAL DANISH FEMALE ARMY OFFICERS DAGGER. Maker E.F. Horster, Double H with sword through S in a single oval. Identical to the Air Force Ground Officers Dagger. the female Officers daggers were ordered by the Army for the Female Officers who refused to wear them. This is why there are only about 6 of these in existence. Dagger is 13 3/8" with scabbard and features an 8 1/2" diamond cut nickel plated blade with a 3/4" flat ricasso. Obverse ricasso has an etching of HMAK (Hærens Materielkommando = Army supply commando) over the number 1986, presumably the date of manufacture. White felt washer is present. All fittings are gilded brass. The scabbard shell is leather over metal. There is a scabbard release button on the reverse. The grip is black plastic. The portepee is the modern gold colored portepee with a red dot and 6" cord. Note the similarity between this dagger and the Model 1966 Air Force Officers dagger except for the crossguard. On the females' crossguard is only the enlarged Royal Crest while the air force has the full wings.Type a description for this product here...