1966 Royal Danish Air Force Dagger  #256

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MODEL 1966 ROYAL DANISH AIR FORCE OFFICERS DAGGER. Maker E.F. Horster, Double H with sword through S in a single oval. Dagger is 13 3/8" with scabbard and features an 8 1/2" diamond cut nickel plated blade with a 3/4" flat Ricasso. Obverse Ricasso has an etching of the a crown, coat of arms, and wings similar to the pattern of the crossguard. There is a number 1986, presumably the date of manufacture. White felt washer is present. All fittings are gilded brass. The scabbard shell is leather over metal. There is a scabbard release button on the reverse. The grip is black plastic. The portepee is the modern gold colored portepee with a red dot and 6" cord.Type a description for this product here...