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1910 Army NCO Officers Dagger for General Staff  #105

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1.00 Ounces

MODEL 1910 ROYAL DANISH ARMY NON COMMISSIONED OFFICERS DAGGER FOR GENERAL STAFF. WKC Maker (Helmet). This is the "German Silver" version of the 1910 NCO dagger. Dagger is 12 7/8" with scabbard and features a 7 1/4" nickel plated single edged blade with a small false trailing edge. The maker mark is on the obverse with the Crown acceptance mark on the reverse Ricasso. Black ebony wood handle. All scabbard fittings are "German Silver". Black leather scabbard shell. Upper and lower scabbard fittings are each stamped with a 6. Portepee is the older heavier portepee and features a gold gilt acorn with scarlet red dot.